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When you think of tudor outdoor lighting, you think of floodlights to light up the house and its environs in the night for safety and security. You may also think of decorative lighting for the garden.

Then there is high lighting to show off your landscaping or architectural beauty.

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Different light points

In all these cases the tudor outdoor lighting involves running wires carrying high voltage to the different light points. You may run the wires underground or overhead. However you run the wiring, you have to be very careful that there is no chance of electrocution.

Underground wiring is prone to water infiltration and damage by normal activities like gardening or some sports. If the insulation of underground wiring is damaged, high voltage electricity can leak out.

Overhead wiring can break in storms and fall to the ground. Fatal accidents can occur to human or animal victims. Electrical short circuits can cause fires to break out, injuring people and damaging property.

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The low voltage tudor outdoor lighting system is powered through a step-down transformer which steps down the 120-volt mains supply to a safe 12 volt supply.

Some outdoor lighting systems are designed to use DC electricity. In the case of mains outage, as in a storm, such an outdoor lighting system can be operated off storage batteries, like the ones used in automobiles.

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Last word

So your house is protected even in such emergencies. Most of these modern tudor outdoor lighting systems do not use the traditional incandescent lamps. Instead, they use LED lighting which is exceptionally economical to run.

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The high output LEDs that are available today are more than a match for the incandescent and halogen tubes regarding brightness. Needless to say, you can use these lighting units wherever you used the traditional ones.

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