Tray ceiling lights – reflect the surface for the perfect look

Tray ceilings add class, taste and style to a home. The tray ceiling lights are also known as the recessed ceiling lights come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore enhancing features such as color, decorating and lights accentuate tray ceilings.

These lights are uses to enhance the architectural design of a house while at the same time providing a warm and fuzzy look.

Tray ceiling lights ideas

Some of the best lighting ideas for tray ceiling lights are the ceiling medallion which acts a a very classy decorating feature, the chandelier and pendants lights also ooze of class and intricate style.

Cove lighting especially when using different types of ropes can have a really attractive mural and finally recessed lights can add a really nice layering effect. Tray lights should be combined with other types of lights for a complete look that is quite captivating.

Reflect the surface

One should also ensure that a tray ceiling light has a darker tone so that the ceiling lights reflect the surface therefore creating the perfect look. One should also remember to add a variety of color lights to provide a decorative effect and add appeal to one’s eyes.

tray ceiling lights photo - 1
tray ceiling lights photo - 2
tray ceiling lights photo - 5
tray ceiling lights photo - 8
tray ceiling lights photo - 10

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