Add a mysterious charm to your living space with the addition of torch wall lights

It is the piece of puzzle of your jigsaw which fits into your house effortlessly. The evidently seen feature is the frosty covering of the inner glass. The visual appearance of the lamps is designed in a swayful manner.


The torch wall lights portrays traditional French architectural patterns on its rim. It is additionally construed by thickly printed strokes in enriching colours. The radiant look of the light exudes brilliance and glamour. The torch like metal luminary serves the purpose of a flashlight.


The accompanying junction box is accurately cut into a diamond. The exquisite illumination speaks volumes of the liveliness it brings to the interiors. Contemporary style of geometry employed is a transitional switch from ordinary.

The adornment can be easily set up on the walls. Make a headway and opt for one of these astounding kindle of flame.

torch wall lights photo - 6
torch wall lights photo - 7
torch wall lights photo - 8
torch wall lights photo - 9
torch wall lights photo - 10


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