Things to consider before purchasing Tinkerbell ceiling fan

Tinkerbell ceiling fans are meant to give you a pleasant breeze on a hot summer day. It is available for both, outdoors and indoors. They can add a breezy tropical atmosphere to any room.

The fan has a unique design with leaf like blades, giving a look of the tropical palm trees.They are especially designed to give you a break from humidity and at the same time save power consumption.

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Tinkerbell ceiling fan can sure add up a class in your house, whether outdoors or indoors. While purchasing a tropical fan for your indoor/outdoor area one must consider the décor theme of the house. The blades come in two styles either palm or bamboo.

The buying decision also depends on the location, where you want it to be installed. Indoor fans have a different style criterion whereas the outdoor ones give a different atmosphere of an exotic island.

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There two categories in tinkerbell ceiling fan, damp- rated and wet- rated. Damp-rated ceiling fans are suitable for covered areas like patios, porches, deck or rooftops.

Whereas, the wet-rated fans are ideal for open areas with a humid climate. Usually people prefer the palm leafed blades for an outdoor setting and the bamboo themed for an indoor room décor.

However, whichever you choose for your house, it surely will add a touch of beauty and help save the power consumption.

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