How to Fit Fiffany Ceiling Lights

If you’re hoping to enhance the look of a room then installing tiffany ceiling lights is one of the speediest and simplest methods for doing as such. Despite the fact that there is a gigantic scope of sizes, shapes and styles for tiffany ceiling lights, installing them generally takes after a similar procedure:

Safety first

Before you can put in your sparkly tiffany ceiling lights you first need to remove your old fixtures. If you need to install a light where there wasn’t one preceding you ought to have an electrician install a circuit and electrical box so you have a power supply!

Before you even consider removing the light you have to do is kill the power at the mains to protect yourself from electrocution.

Remove the previous fixture

The first step in removing the fixture is to fix the screws (or fasteners) that hold the light to the ceiling and force it down painstakingly. Once the light is free you will have the capacity to get to the electrical wires, which you disconnect by unscrewing the wire caps that hold them together.

You will likewise need to unscrew and remove the mounting section that is attached to the electrical box as this may not be the right fitting for your new light.

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