Surface mount ceiling fan – TOP 10 Ideal for Small Spaces

Ceiling fans are part of furniture of every house. If you have a low ceiling level but also require the best cooling from your fan then Surface Mount Ceiling Fan is the best solution for you to consider.

Although you have a low ceiling but with good wind direction in your room surface mount ceiling fans would work best.





Surface Mount ceiling fans are illustrated as the fans whose motor house mounts directly to the ceiling instead of hanging on a small downrod. These fans are specifically designed for ceilings whose height ranges maximum 8 feet.

Surface mount ceiling fans saves extra energy consumption and hence is cost efficient giving best cooling and circulation result. These fans are best for small spaces like wardrobe, washrooms, laundry areas etc.

Characteristics of Surface Mount Ceiling Fan

  • It is generally designed for the room with low ceilings.
  • They do not take much space and provide the best air circulation in room while maintaining the cooling temperature.
  • It poses minimum danger of damage as they are mounted directly in to the ceiling and have no downrod. Thus its compact size will not pose any risk even in smaller room.


It is necessary to follow the guide while installing surface mount ceiling fans. These fans usually come with self-assemble kits so that installation process can be done with effortlessness.

While installing the fan blades to the holder, make sure you install the screws on the side which is opposite to the plain surface to conceal the screws. The screws should be appropriately stiffened to avoid any mishap while connecting the fan blades to its motor.

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You can even hire a professional to get the installation process done.

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