Star lights on ceiling – best lights without spending lots of money

There are many different types of star lights on ceiling. If you are aiming to light up your business or yard you intend to obtain the best lights you can without having to spend lots of money.

However, there are many points to take into consideration before you buy lighting. This is because there aren’t just several different types of lights but there are also many different kinds of technology which can be used for star lights on ceiling.

Energy efficient

Among the technology types is Star lights. Star lights on ceiling are defined as energy efficient. They were produced and have now expanded to several nations. These items which are branded as Energy Star certified use less power than other bulbs.

This is less electricity than is needed by government standards. The next type is Energy Efficient. Energy efficient lights use green power and use low amounts of energy much like Energy Star lights.

It can use solar power too

You can find 3 different kinds of star lights on ceiling, which are better for the environment. These types are solar-powered, gas-powered and dark sky. The first of these types, solar-powered, is great for the community because it soaks up sunlight during the day and after that illuminates your yard through the night using that stored power. This implies this doesn’t use electrical energy. – from 500€

#1 Milky Way in the House

The installation of a star ceiling won’t take much time and energy if it will be placed as a wholesome panel. A large plastic panel is designed according to the size of your ceiling to match it perfectly. The construction looks as if the roof was taken off from your house and you can look at the night sky and enjoy the beauty of the space. If you are passionate about such scenery, this option is for you.

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#2 A Projector of Stars

There’s an awesome item that is capable of creating any starlit ceiling in your room. It’s a star projector. The device generates the image of the sky with a full set of extra-terrestrial bodies which move like the real ones. It is possible to download any high resolution picture and the projector will “teleport” it to your ceiling in the best possible manner. To install the projector, you need to have a special construction for a greater comfort of use.


#3 Dotted Sky

Here’s not just a standard lamp, but a miniature star generator that projects shining dots around the whole area of the ceiling. It can also work as a standard room lamp. This is one simple item that is mounted directly onto the ceiling without any problems. It doesn’t create any extraordinary effect, but the look of your ceiling will become more attractive and miraculous.

#4 Home Theatre under Open Sky

With this technology you will be able to transform your room into a cabin of some space ship or an open air movie theatre. If you take a closer look, you will notice a shot of an Enterprise for Star Trek Series. The star sky is a real passion for the fans of the fantastic movies. It needs the use of a fiber construction beneath the ceiling to achieve the most natural effect.

#5 Extremely Natural Sky

The Milky Way is the name of our galaxy. People use to see it on starry nights with unarmed eyes. However, due to changes in atmosphere and extreme amount of light that can be visible from space, it has become totally unseen. You can bring back the beauty of galaxy right to your house. The optical machine will generate a brilliant image of the real Milky Way for you to observe.

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#6 Night Lights

To gain the simplest night sky model, you will have to apply a special box with a led highlight along the perimeter and a special system that is composed of a separate adaptor and a pile of wires which conduct the light. You can place the wires in the most suitable pattern and it will instantly shine on your ceiling with gentle star light. It is definitely worth a while.

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#7 Alternative for a Chandelier

If you are considering a spot light on the ceiling instead of a chandelier, you might be interested in popular star sky systems as it would be an awesome alternative to standard lamps. The diodes which serve as stars are extremely low energy consumer and they are very flexible in terms of brightness they offer. You can make it as bright as during day or create a sweet penumbra for a romantic evening.

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#8 Arched Ceiling Sky

The construction of an arched star ceiling is considered a bit more difficult for but the result would definitely amaze the owner of the room where it will be placed. The bent in shape adds a significant portion of realism as if you’re travelling in an open space to the distant stars in your own personal spaceship.

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#9 Bathroom Star Light

Here’s an unusual application of a star ceiling in a bath in combination with a crystal chandelier. All together the bathroom looks especially glamorous and luxurious. This is a unique design that can be easily achieved if one has desire. Probably, the best thing about star light systems is that it is not afraid of moisture and preserves a lot of energy.

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#10 Sectioned Dotted Sky

The fans of glamour will become fascinated with this chic looking model of a star ceiling. The stars are shining with a special golden colour as if it was a room in the palace of the King Midas. However, you will not need any magic to turn everything gold. Modern technologies will do it for you. Don’t hesitate and try out your new dwelling.

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