Star lights ceiling – make starry sky right in your room

#1 Extraterrestrial Beauty in the Living Room

For the last decade the star light ceilings have become extremely popular among people due to the simplicity of installation and the beauty it grants. The ceiling of this type is rather practical. It has got an outer box, where a projector can be placed. It will radiate the light and stars on the surface of the ceiling and make a built-in highlight along the perimeter.

#2 Star Light Home Cinema

This is another variant of unusual lighted ceiling. It implies using of the box construction. The inner construction is used for installation of the diodes and the outer box construction can be used to create specific figures. It is modified by means of placing large LED lamps so you obtain a multifunctional ceiling with standard light and beautiful starry sky to complete the beauty of your room.

#3 Vast Nothingness of Space

This ceiling light sky construction is rather simple in installation and can be placed on the ceilings of almost any type. It is simple, yet very attractive piece of design for kids’ room, bedroom or guest room. The inner circle is filled with luminescent fiber diodes which create an effect of night black sky and diodes stripes along the circle to create a mysterious halo that will emphasis its beauty.

#4 Milky Way at Home

Unfortunately, the Milky Way, the natural space peace of art, can hardly be seen with unarmed eye. This piece of décor will bring the space right into your room. After installing the system on your ceiling, you will obtain a homemade sky with various constellations of unearthly beauty. Such a dreamful sky will bring sweet moments of relaxation to your dwelling.

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#5 Space Ship in the Room

The construction of the type is as simple as it can be. It implies using a special light ceiling kit that consists of diodes optical fiber, an adapter and a remote control. You can sit in your favorite armchair or on the sofa and control the light of your ceiling as if you’re sitting in your cockpit of your personal spaceship that swims in the nothingness of space.

#6 Chandelier Alternative

For those who do not want any difficult constructions and prefer flat stretched ceilings without any additional elements this option will be the most suitable. These light diodes will become an excellent addition to large lamps. The construction is as simple as it can be – the fiber is mounted close to the surface of stretched ceiling as is visible through the material.

#7 Simple and Beautiful

For those who prefer minimalistic design this option of lighted ceilings will benefit in avoiding of building up piles of constructions above head. Such design includes a single powerful lamp that serves as the main source of light in the room and a focal point of the interior and the constellation of optical fiber along the perimeter of the lamp. The main light can be used for some daily routine work, while the star sky can accompany you during romantic evening of family movie watching.

#8 Arched Lighted Ceiling

One can tell that it is a rather tricky construction, although the result is totally worth it. It looks as if your whole place is under the open sky and the arched dark ceiling will create an optical illusion that the room is far bigger than it is in reality. The construction consists not only of fiber, but also energy saving lamps, so there will be enough light for everything.

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star lights ceiling photo - 2

#9 Magical Nursery

Bring some magic to child’s bedroom. A kid of any age would be happy to have such an unusual lighting element in the room. Just imagine telling the fairy tales to your baby under the starry sky. Isn’t it beautiful? It will also be nice for a child who is afraid of dark as lying under dim light feels safer and more relaxing than in total darkness listening to the slightest sound.

star lights ceiling photo - 3

#10 Simple Lighted Ceiling

This can be considered as the most popular solution for the lighted ceilings. It is mounted right inside the stretched ceiling and inside the box of a ceiling construction. The brightness of such a ceiling depends on the number of diodes which are used for the construction. The more you use, the brighter it will be. Anyway the shining ceiling will be a marvelous addition to your room’s interior.

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