25 ways to illuminate the room with the beautiful Star light projector ceiling

Have you ever imagined a room full of stars? That evening experience can not be compared to anything. Turn off all other lights and bring in some star ceiling light projector.

The result is astonishing. Black ceiling with millions of dots that create a beautiful environment. It is all possible with great solutions from WarisanLighting.com where you can find so many ideas.


You may wonder how to install this gorgeous star light projector ceiling. It is very simple. You need a power source and one plug in will make the projector work. The position of the projector is important and it depends on the inside parts of the projector.

Usually, the light goes in one direction, so you should place the projector at the right place in the room. The effect will be better and the ceiling will be completely covered with gorgeous stars. Smaller and larger stars will create the perfect atmosphere for the sleep time.

Organize romantic dinner

Not only sleep time will be better, but also some romantic moments. Enjoy the right star ceiling light projector if you want to organize romantic dinner or some theme party. People will certainly find it interesting. It is all about these projectors.

The ceiling looks different and unique. Small particles of light that resemble the real shape of stars can change the whole room. It will be perfect for the specific occasion like party or dinner time.


There are many versions of star ceiling light projector and you can choose your favorite. Some of the most popular are those with moon detail, which is very interesting. You get a real feeling that you are somewhere under the sky while enjoying the view.

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The relaxing feeling is complete. Imagine that you are watching real stars and get your star light projector ceiling. The experience is outstanding.

star light projector ceiling photo - 1
star light projector ceiling photo - 2
star light projector ceiling photo - 3
star light projector ceiling photo - 4
star light projector ceiling photo - 5
star light projector ceiling photo - 6
star light projector ceiling photo - 7

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