TOP 6 Star light ceiling panels 2023

Sleeping under the stars is romantic but it comes with all kinds of uncomfortable elements like wind, rain and snow. Star light ceiling panels recreate the effect of sleeping under the stars from the comfort of your own home.

Energy efficient

Starlight ceiling panels are awarded the Energy Star Certificate from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That means the consume 20% less energy than EPA recommendations.

A starlit effect can be created to suit rooms of any size or shape. You can even have stars projected onto the ceiling or cascading vertically through the center of your room.

Solar powered

Starlights use little energy and can be connected to solar panels. Soaking up sunlight during the day whilst shining bright at night with no additional costs.

Starlight ceiling panels give off a gentle, relaxing ambience in any room. The configuration of stars is decided by you. You can have them designed to mirror the Milky Way or even create your own custom galaxy.

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star light ceiling panels photo - 10 – from 500€


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