Highlighting certain features – 18 Amazing Solar spot lights outdoor

Solar spotlights outdoor are used for highlighting certain features (fountain, tree, plants, pond, etc.) in the garden. They have evolved throughout the years and today are made LED technology. It is easy to install them and they enhance through illumination the look of your garden, and are environmentally friendly. Outdoor solar spotlights are a good alternative to electric-powered lighting solutions. The perk of these spotlights is the fact that they do not need outlets to work. You can put them anywhere in the garden. They work in quite a simple way. Photovoltaic cells absorb the sunlight during the day, thus charging the batteries. Those can light the bulbs at night. They should be placed somewhere they can receive full sunlight eight, or even more, hours per day.

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What are you looking for, anyway?


Now that you know the basics of it, you just need a proper guidance to choose the perfect type. When looking for the best solar spotlights outdoor, you should think of how long their batteries will stay charged. Companies promise you many things, from free set of batteries, to a long-lasting bulbs. Always double-check if the company is giving you the right information. You should see if the spotlights are water and corrosion resistant. You don’t want your garden to look bad more and more after each rain shower.
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Here is the short list and characteristics of two best solar spotlights outdoor

1. InnoGear MT-057

This model is IP65 waterproof and heatproof. It has lumen output of 200, and 4 sets of 50 lumen LEDs with 2 levels of brightness modes. It is easy to install, and there is no need for any tools when doing it. It automatically turns on and off, depending if it is night or day. It promises a longer working time because of the built-in 1850 lithium battery. It is 180 adjustable for that perfect illuminating spot. The only thing you need to do, is turn on the switch before the usage.

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2. Amir® LED Solar Spotlight

This type of solar spotlights outdoor, under the full sunlight’s strength, needs 8 hours to charge. It has a bigger panel so it can absorb more sunlight. The batteries are 18650 lithium ones, and their working time is 8 hours on a high bright mode, and 14 hours on the low bright mode.The spotlight has 200 lumen output LEDs, therefore shining brighter light. It is quick to install, and features light control and switch control. The waterproof class is 1P65.
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