Shabby chic wall lights – 10 Ways To Use Sconce Lighting To Improve Your Shabby Chic Decor

Sometimes you can add new life to your home with some of the simplest things. Lighting can be used in different ways to enhance any of your rooms. Whether you are trying to draw attention or improve comfort, lighting is usually a great choice to work with.

Try out these 10 creative ways to add Shabby chic wall lights to any of your rooms.

Lighting For Accenting Art

Do you have a great piece of artwork that you would like to show off? Or you may just need to bring out those wonderful wooden textures in your old shabby chic barrel piece.

By directing light to these pieces you will be using the power of accenting while adding another element of nature to your decor. Shabby chic wall lights are very flexible because you can install them practically anywhere on your wall.

They are also designed to emit a particular shape of light and so depending on what size you need you can find a wall sconce light to suit your needs.

Wall Sconce For Utility

There are times when your lighting isn’t being used for decor but instead to help you achieve something like bedside reading, hallway nightlights or identification lights for the numbers on your porch.

Wall sconce lights are great because there are also some that are designed with small LED light sources. These are great for when you only need a focused light and they’re also good because they will cost less energy.

Miniature styled lights will fit perfectly with your decor because they will blend seamlessly in with the rest of your shabby chic wall sconce lights.

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Light Up Those Focal Points

No matter your room you will probably want to make use of focal points. A shabby chic wall sconce light can help you pull this off easily. Just try using the larger ones that radiate heavy cones of directed light.

Most will choose an odd number of lights to place around an object because this will really establish the focal point. Because you’re using wall sconce lights, placement and unison shouldn’t be any problem at all and you will have a great focal point.

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