Creating the house mood – 20 best Rustic ceiling fans

The choices you make for lighting are a great determinant of the type of mood in the room and how objects appear within the area. A good choice of rustic ceiling fans that come with a lighting option within them can make the mood of the place to be welcoming and warm. Be it a kitchen, a dining room or a living room or just any other room that will suit a fan, rustic ceiling fans can make them have a magnificent appearance.

Complementing the room design

Ceilings have had their share of attention for quite some time now. The choice of suitable rustic ceiling fans can beautify the room to an irresistible extend to anyone’s eyes. This is brought out by matching the fan color and design with the make of the room. The fans make it easy for you to enhance the look and the feel of any space in the whole home by moving from room to room.

The beauty of rustic fans with lights

The choice of the fan can do a great job in magnifying the beauty of the room. Come to take the view of beautiful lighting added to that nice fan on the ceiling. The effect is amazingly crazy. It can do wonders to the appearance of the space.

The variety of applications

You could opt to design or update the lighting of your dining room in order to add warmth, affect the frame of mind of your dining family and visitors. It could be modernizing the lighting of the living room to give an immediate fashionable feel, the revolutionizing your old kitchen to give it that modern look makes it more inviting.

The study room or the home library is a place that can be made inspiring so that you will feel excited to visit the more often. All these can be in a great achieved through the use rustic ceiling fans with lights. The color of lighting can be varied and LED lighting can be used for greater energy efficiency to suit any specific aesthetic or economic need.

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#1 Saratoga Bronze Colored Fan

This attractive fan is a good combination of style and top quality technologies. The model can boast with an effective DC engine that is capable of working in two directions. In addition, it provides the owner with 6 speed fan and a bright white light. All the functions can be controlled without leaving your couch through the remote control. With this item you won’t have to be afraid of heat as on maximum speed it produces about 7 cubic meters of fresh air.
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#2 Antique Bronze Fan

This fan is modified with an external lamp and remote control functions. This is a casual style fan that would be an awesome acquisition for any type of a premise. It is known for its increased level of durability that is characterized with high weatherproof feature which makes it possible to install in open air. The model offers a decent amount of fresh breeze so you will get your coolness even in the most melting day.

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#3 Barrel Fan

This fan of an unusual design that resembles a pretty cognac barrel introduces a 52 inched model. It would look astounding in some room that is decorated with wood. The model has got a reversible motor that can be managed by means of a remote control. The light kit in the fan is capable of granting a portion of light that is produced by means of three 60W lamps.
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#4 Log Cabin Fan

This large fan would be a fine decoration for some wooden cabin in the forest. It is performed in an exquisite washed oak or pine wood colors. The blades have got a special bent in 13 degree angle for an extra effective blowing. It is equipped with a three speed pull chain to finalize the extra retro look of the item. The motor has got a lifetime warranty as the manufacturers are confident of their goods’ quality.
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#5 Outdoor-Indoor Edison Fan

This fan is an excellent item for installation on various indoor and outdoor ceilings. The item has got all the standards of defense that makes it extremely usable during fair or nasty weather. It is not afraid of rains and extreme humidity. The item is designed in a style of a black wood with weathered zinc décor. The blades are organized under 13 degree angle to grant peak performance with minimal energy expenditures.
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#6 Awesome Vintage Style Fan

This elaborately designed model of a fan would become a focal point of any interior. The blades are made to resemble natural pieces of wood, while the whole body of the item is decorated with elegant forging with natural ornament. The rotation can be controlled due to the peculiarities of the engine’s construction that is a reverse DC machine.
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#7 Craftmade Ceiling Fan

This classical fan model is performed in brushed nickel color and has got one special peculiarity. The blades are totally changeable and you’ll be able to select any blade type you desire for decoration of the room in the manner you like. The control of the fan’s speed is operated via pull chain. It is energy star certified so it will not consume a lot of energy.
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#8 Universal Use Fan

This model is certified specifically for outdoor use. All the materials are of top quality and are capable to withstand rough exploitation outdoors. The rusty design of the model makes it look really attractive and old fashioned one. The body made specifically water-proof and rust proof so you don’t have to worry that the item will get spoiled.

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#9 Caged Dark Style Fan

It’s hard to imagine something better than an ocean breeze. This model is just the right thing that is capable of offering a gentle portion of refreshing air circulation. The stylish caged fan finalizes an awesome look of the item. The galvanized metal of the body makes the fan extremely sturdy and damage proof. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


#10 Mountain Air Rustic Fan

This fan is designed in an awesome luxurious style. All the details catch the eyes of the people around. The walnut color of the item makes it compatible with most furniture pieces. It has got an adorable metal forged composition of a wildlife on the lamp’s shade. The shade is composed of an orange fumed glass that provides some extra coziness in the premise of the house.


#11 Wooden Designed Fan

This elaborate model of fan has a strong resemblance of a real tree. It is modelled according to the bark of the tree with copying the real structure of the wood. It would be suitable for some attractive design which implies the use of natural elements. The most adorable thing is that the lamp seems to be carved from wood as the shade of fumed glass has got a similar pattern as the real wood does.


#12 Patio Ceiling Fan

When it comes to designing awesome nautical style fan, Hatteras is a company that has got an expertise in creation nautical style fans. An overall design of the fan lamp is stern and reserved like on a deck of some military ship. The item is shipped with a miniature remote that does not only grant a full control over the fan, but also assists in controlling the brightness of the item with a built in dimmer.


#13 Western Style Lamp

If we are talking about thematic fans, we couldn’t have omitted a rancher ceiling fan that is breathing the air of west. This is a real chandelier fan with six 100W lamps which give the user extremely bright ample light. Although this model is presented in dark metal colors, there are plenty of options of finishes and several shade color variants.


#14 Oil Rusty Fan Lamp

If you are dreaming of a refreshing breeze, then this extra-large industrial style fan will do the job for you. It has got six bronze finished blades of an additional length which result in 60 inches diameter. The item produces huge amounts of fresh air. The industrial style is well modified with a caged Edison style open lamp that is compatible with all popular types of energy saving lamps.


#15 Old School Rustic Fan

The retro style model would be surprisingly suitable for most of the modern interiors. The style of art decadence would adore this design of lamp that carries a post-apocalyptic tone in all the details. Regarding the functionality the fan is on a very productive level due to the increased size of the blades. Thanks to open construction and compatibility with modern power saving lamps this fan can produce a lot of white light with a single bulb.

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#16 Mountain Retreat Ceiling Fan

This is a truly amazing combination of a lamp and a fan. The designers made a detailed mountain cabin fan that has got a truly exquisite look. The house is a dwelling place for a motor and two pairs of little lamps which cast around an ambient light. The best thing about this model is that it is fully customizable starting with the size of separate details and ending with color.


#17 The Hunter Lamp

This model introduces us a fan modification of a popular Vaxcel lamp. The company is known for producing state of art light devices for living premises, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the items. This lamp is an excellent designer solution for the man who is crazy about hunting as all the parts are made of faux animal elements: faux horns chandelier hands and the shades are made of faux leather. The item looks very natural.


#18 Artemis Extra-Large Fan

The big brother is blowing at you. This fan would be an awesome acquisition for a room decorated in modern style due to its totally unusual shape. The blades are specifically twisted at 24 degree angle for sweeping a greater portion of air and transporting it to you. An extra powerful motor is added for providing a longer period. The lamp is fully dimmable and resembles as some underwater monster eye.


#19 Close Mount Ceiling Fan

If you are suffering from a low ceiling, but wish to install an attractive fan, check this model of a close mounted fan. It will be compatible with most of the standard heights of the rooms. This fan will easily provide a large premise of 400 square feet with fresh air thanks to the length of the blades. The light kit will grant you a fair portion of light so that you didn’t have to worry about additional light installation.


#20 Casablanca Fan

The model of this fan was crafted in a light tone to contrast the color of the aged steel body. It was probably inspired with the latest urban style technologies and it really does look appropriate in some loft or a penthouse. The blades are made of a solid wood and covered with preserving enamel that demonstrates an awesome tree structure to the eyes of the owner.


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