Surprise Your Kids With The Gentle Breeze Of Princess ceiling fans

Gift your children a cool breeze with Princess ceiling fans which are a great attraction to your home interiors. They are perfect to match the color and design tastes of children and can be fitted into their playrooms, bedrooms, classrooms and dining rooms with an easy installation.

They come with a convenient three speed switch that will provide your kids an year round comfort.

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Designs and patterns

Available in a wide range of designs and patterns, these Disney Princess ceiling fans are gaining great popularity among children. These fans are hand crafted and are available both 3-bladed and 4-bladed.

To add up to their advantages, they are attached with an attractive schoolhouse 60 Watt candelabra globe light to the bottom, which illuminates whenever you switch on the fan.

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Also, they come with patterns of designed Disney Princess cartoons on their blades which can be pink, sky blue or bottle-green shaded. They are highly durable and safe to use.

A remote control to control the level of speed and rotation comes attached with this ceiling fan package. During summer, forward air motion of these ceiling fans creates a cooling breeze effect, while during the winter season, the reverse motion recirculates the rising warm air.

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With a 15 year of manufacture warranty and their affordable cost, Princess Ceiling fans are the perfect choice to surprise your kids with a gentle breeze.

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