Oversized ceiling lights – 10 methods to make your room stylish and elegant

Choosing the right size when installing ceiling lights makes the room stylish and elegant. Unfortunately, there are people who think that they should always go for the biggest lights. The following are reasons why you should avoid oversized ceiling lights.

They overshadow the room’s design

One of the most important principles of design is proportionality. In a room, everything has to be the right size. If you insist on installing an oversized ceiling light yet the room is small, you will only end up messing with the intended look.

They take up too much space

How much space do you have in your room? Remember that the ceiling is meant to serve other purposes other than holding the lights. It should also help with the general decorations around the room.


If you want to avoid buying oversized ceiling lights, you should know the exact dimensions that suit your house. You may also want to try various sizes just to know where the right fit is.

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