10 facts to consider before installing Out side wall lights

If you are moving in an old house, you may know that many of the out side wall lights look very old, which can actually affect you from any other side effects.
Changing of the light of light has become very sharp and most people do not have to be tolerated, they should manage the changes.

Do assessment

First you have to measure what you have to do. In most cases the light of the wall should be met easily, but it would have been more than the color that would come up for many years.
Or in my condition this lightning wall was, I still surprise me. If it appears that you have any kind of trouble, certainly after clearing you some plaster and serptiper wall, after you add light.

Avoid bear wires

Make sure you have prepared for the out side wall lights before you start, because you feel free to run away from getting out of the wall. You also need to have a Swing Driver session and if you need a step-by-step you can make it easy to see. I also found that if you can get it, things simplify using a step-by-step.

out side wall lights photo - 2

Turn off the power

It can appear but you start removing any electrical power off. You can usually do this in the box. One time it is closed you can eliminate the light. Drag the script and allow fracture.
It will be connected to three stars that usually contain in the following colors. The red wire will be connected with positive connections, black wire cut wire and a yellow wire that is connected to the ground.

out side wall lights photo - 3
out side wall lights photo - 4
out side wall lights photo - 5
out side wall lights photo - 6
out side wall lights photo - 8
out side wall lights photo - 9
out side wall lights photo - 10


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