Bring Your Home To Life With A Magic Lamp Genie

This evocative, beautiful new magic lamp is perfect for any bedroom or nursery. Unleash the famed artistry of Aladdin and his magic lamp on your home. Who knows how many wishes it will grant you?

Now the iconic magic lamp genie can be yours. Simply rub the lamp and wait for the genie to appear, ready to grant your every wish.

The Magic Lamp

One of the fun aspects to decorating your home is adding those very personal touches. Some are refined, others artistic, while still others bring your quirky side to life.

Sprinkle a little stardust in your home with your magic lamp genie. Who know what could happen.

More Than Just Lighting

We understand that magic lamp genie is more that just providing light in your rooms. It’s about character and warmth, that’s what makes the family feel at home.

We provide those small distinguishing touches’ that make your home your very own when your family can enjoy whatever lighting sets the mood, be it eminently practical or lightly playful.

magic lamp genie photo - 2
magic lamp genie photo - 3


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