10 facts about Kitchen wall light fixtures

Who said that kitchen lighting needed to be boring…. Gone are the days of the one lamp hanging in the centre of your stylish kitchen.

Chandelier in the Kitchen

Hanging a beautifully detailed chandelier in your kitchen not only opens up the space but provides a special lighting that creates a unique ambience. Wrought iron with artistic globes will create a striking effect.

Over the Sink

What about adding a few kitchen wall light fixtures over the sink area. They can be colour themed to brighten up any space in and around the kitchen.. A few beautiful polished nickel sconces could really lighten the area and open it up.

Wall Art

On a long wall in your kitchen, add a few fabulous tea light sconces to bring in a romantic and inspirational look to possible a dull wall. The light will create a warm and inviting affect in the kitchen.

Industrial at its Best

If the industrial look is your passion, then simply add a vintage metal industrial style kitchen light fixture. The retro effect with light peeking out of metal cavities will create kitchen lighting that will astound.

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