Kerosene lamps – Add a touch of the antique to your home

A touch of the antique always adds a chic element to your home. One way of imparting this antique quality to your home is by placing a few kerosene lamps in select areas of your home.

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The beauty of kerosene lamps

These kinds of lamps come in a wide array of designs that accentuate the beauty of your living space. Depending on the type of kerosene lamp, the designs can range from plain, clear glass kinds to colored glass wrought in a multitude of interesting shapes.

The flame dancing and flickering inside the glass casts light about the room in a vintage way that is quite difficult for its electric counterparts to recreate.

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Handiness of kerosene lamps

Apart from the aesthetic qualities that kerosene lamps give to a room, they offer a very viable alternative in an area that cannot rely on steady electricity supply. In the event that you happen to reside in such an area, having this kind of lamp around is a godsend.

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