How to Safely Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Kitchen (with Pictures)

Under-cabinet lights are more than just decorations in your kitchen. It not only maintains a pleasing visual ambiance but it also makes kitchen work easier by reducing shadows under those cabinets. In the long run, under cabinet lighting can help reduce eyestrain and even stress.

Since under cabinet lighting systems let you use a wide variety of bulbs, you are free to use any bulb types and designs. Now, installing under cabinet lights can be a little intimidating. Let this guide on how to install under cabinet lighting walk you through the process.

Getting a Lighting Set

Determine the type of lighting set you will need for your kitchen. You can choose between LEDs, fluorescents, incandescent, xenon, and halogen. If you can’t decide on a lighting type, then try an LED lighting set. LEDs usually go well with any kitchen design.

Also, since LEDs consume less energy than most of its counterparts, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Under-cabinet lighting sets come in different designs so feel free to choose designs that suit your taste. You can check out various lighting designs on local stores or online sellers.

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Your Power Source

If you already have a power source and a switch near the installation spot of your lights then have the wires ready so you can connect the wires after installing the lights.

If you don’t have a power source yet, you will need to tap a connection from other power sources or make a new circuit from the main power line. In case you are not sure how to go about this, you can always hire an electrician to do the work for you. Don’t forget to wear your safety equipment.

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Decide on the Layout of the Lights

Lay the lights underneath the spot where you want to install the lights. This should give you a good idea on how the lights would look on your kitchen. You should also include connecting cords in the layout especially if you are going to use one power source for multiple lights.

Certain manufacturers recommend that the lights should around 10-12 inches apart. To get the best lighting, install the lights right at the front edge of the cabinet.

Cleaning The Cabinets

After deciding on the layout of the lighting, you can start with the installation. Before that, you should clean your cabinets and take away things that might distract you. You will likely need to go through the cabinets for installing the wires. So, make sure you remove all the items in your cabinet. Also, ensure the cabinets are dry to prevent electrocution during the installation.

Turn off the Power

During the installation, make sure that the kitchen power is off. In your main panel, find the power switch kitchen area and turn it off. For your safety, test the power supply and see to it that there is no current. You can use a tester for this.

Start Drilling

Drill holes on the installation spots. You will need to make holes for the screws as well as holes for the wires. If you are planning to run the wires outside the cabinet, you won’t need to make holes for the wires.

Mount the Sockets and Run the Wires

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Fasten the light bulb sockets under the cabinet with screws. And then, run the wires through the sockets and connect the wire to the electrical switch. This may take some time depending on where you want the wires to run through.

Install the Bulbs

After securing the sockets and wires, mount the light bulbs on the socket. Once you’re done, turn the power back on and test your lighting system. You shouldn’t have any problems when everything is done properly.

Observe the Lights

Check if the lights are properly working. If you see any functional defects on any of the bulbs, feel free to contact the manufacturer. These lights usually come with a warranty. Hence, you can have those defective lights replaced with new ones.

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Having under cabinet lights will not only make your kitchen look better but it will also make kitchen work a lot easier. Under-cabinet lighting system let you customize your light set so you can get the look you desire. When deciding on a lighting set, you would want to pick LEDs since they are energy efficient and come with various designs.

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