10 amazing Homemade lamp ideas to Light Your Home

Lighting is a vital part of your home’s interior decor and is an essential element of the look and feel. Nowadays, much more and more people are resorting to using homemade lamps as opposed to chandeliers.

Different styles are now the way to go as it adds a lot much more class and a far much more contemporary look to your home. Homemade lamps tend to take up little room but can have an immense impact on the room, below are a few homemade lamp ideas you should take into consideration.

Determine the room to light

You need to firstly think about the rooms in your home where you will be incorporating your lamps. Will it be the kitchen, living room or bedrooms? Remember, they might not suit every room, and the key is to make the design work.

Besides, you may need standard lighting in some rooms.


Consider the theme of each room; if you like a clutter-free minimalist look, then a modern homemade lamp idea might be the answer. However, if you like a traditional look, you may want to go for a vintage design.

Again this will suit the size of the room as nicely as the design you have in mind.

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In addition to the homemade lamp ideas, part of this includes your color scheme. You may go for something quite bold or subtle; the choice is yours, however, do remember that it must match the colors in your room to make it blend well.

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