Harbor breeze moonglow ceiling fan – 12 exquisite products with a capacity to satisfy you

All your ceiling fan needs can easily be sorted by trusting in Harbor breeze moonglow ceiling fans. They are exquisite products with a capacity to satisfy you.

Windrise 44-inch nickel mount ceiling fan

For higher and standard ceilings, Harbor breeze moonglow ceiling fan has a 6-inch down-rod for mounting. It also has a flush mount for lower ceilings.

Features entail

  • an alabaster glass single light kit,
  • 5 walnut reversible blades,
  • 3 base bulbs 40 watts each
  • an AC motor that’s 3 speeds reversible.

It’s moreover warranted for a year.

Mayfield 44-inch bronze mount ceiling fan

A nickel brush finished ceiling fan with a 44-inch indoor casual style. For standard or low ceiling heights, it’s equipped with a flush-mount. Frosted white glass covers a single light kit. It has an AC motor that’s 3 speeds reversible. Furthermore, it has a blade pitch of 12.5 degrees.

Harbor breeze moonglow ceiling fans are generally money saving in your home or office since they enhance air circulation.

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#1 Gilded Model

Here’s one of the most popular harbour breeze ceiling fans that is extremely popular among people. It is characterized with a classic design and natural colours that make it universal for most of the popular interiors. The amount of blades is just enough for fast blowing and refreshing of relatively large premises. The three 60W lamps can be regulated for a better angle of light in the room. Two means of control are very helpful in the household.


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#2 Double Use Fan

There’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air when the heat is unbearable and you need fast and effective means of cooling down. The model that you can see in the picture is one of the most effective cooling tools. It is a fine alternative to modern air conditioners. The fan has got three speed modes for a more flexible control. In addition, it will look as a wonderful decorative element in the room. The lamps make the fan double useful at home.

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#3 Slim Style Harbor Fan

This harbor model fan was designed for lower ceilings due to a shorter holding foot. It’s still the same attractive fan, but with a minimized size. All the power and durability of the item was preserved in order to serve for many years. This model is also enhanced with four 75W lamps inside elegant white fumed glass shades. Such fans will positively transform the look of your room.

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#4 Dark Style

If dark colors are dominating in your interior and you are searching for a lovely fan to have it installed in your premise, this one will be just the right choice. The metal fixtures of the blades are performed in attractive dark hues. The body is mate black and the wings seem to be made of a sandal wood due to a very realistic and similar texture. The shades are performed of fumed glass and are compatible with 40W lamps.

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#5 Nickel Plated Fan

This fan will be greatly appreciated for its shiny look that is achieved by means of nickel plating technology that ensures many years of a decent look that will be as good as new. It can be cleaned even with slight acids that are in some washing in fluids. The three tulip-like shades are made of heat proof glass that prevents bleaks and dissipates light in a good manner.

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#6 Reserved Moon Glow Fan

This model of a fan seems to be carved of wood and looks extremely natural. The effect was achieved by applying a special type of film that perfectly imitates the real tree texture. This model would look well in combination with dominating wooden furniture. The shade of the item is a closed dome that is presented by means of a fumed white glass. The three speed modes are enough for reaching the best level of comfort.

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#7 Silver Plated Fan with Lamps

This model is an extremely good choice not only in terms of effectiveness in providing a portion of cool air, but also when it comes to adding some decent light to get rid of shadows in the room. The flower shaped lamps are placed on special regulated fixtures so that you were able to regulate the angle as you please. An overall design was made specifically to match the modern and classical designs of interiors.


#8 Radiant Colored Fan

If you were searching for a pretty colored fan, then this model will surely be a great addition to your decorative composition of the room. The fan can provide you with an intensive rate of blowing with three speed modes. It will help you to get rid of stuffiness even in the hottest day of summer. The thing that makes it different from other models is the rainbow like shade of the lamp. When the light is turned on, it casts colorful shades on the ceiling.


#9 Pyramid Style Fan

One might think who needs the lamp designed in a shape of a pyramid. In fact, there is a growing popularity in decorating the room according to some geometrical patterns like oval, triangular or rectangular. This fan will be a good option for those people who are planning triangle inspired room. The model is introduced in attractive olive color. The lamps in this fan are also of a cone shape with powerful halogen lamps.


#10 Sweet Lilies

There’s another pretty looking fan for some cozy house. It is a classical made fan that has got a rich wooden decoration and metal parts covered with gold paint for a more expensive look. The flowers of glass with yellow lamps resemble miniature suns. During the summer it will add you some cold and in winter the light will grant you some warmth.

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#11 Ship Style White Dome Fan

This wonderful fan would look absolutely amazing in the cabin of an old ship that is made entirely of wood. However, it doesn’t mean that its place is on a vessel only. It would look really organic in some forest cabin or a cottage in the mountains. It was made in a natural style to match a peculiar color of wood. If you feel passionate about organic art, this fan would be an excellent choice.

#12 Energy Saving Alternative

This three lamp fan would be an excellent model for a pretty decoration of the room with a top level of productivity. The fan is capable to provide the owner with huge amounts of fresh air. The lamp is performed as a dome that is constructed of a heatproof lamp and it can be compatible with standard energy saving white bulbs. Such light is said to be more eye friendly as you don’t have to wrinkle like with yellow light.


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