Giving life to hall with hall wall lights

A simple change in the lighting can change the entire outlook of our home. So hall wall lights play a major role in defining the beauty of our home or work place.

While choosing hall wall lights, we should give importance to 2 factors

Match with the wall paint.– the light should match with the wall paint perfectly. For eg, a light blue light for a light yellow paint will do fine. The colour of light should enlighten the whole atmosphere by mixing with the wall colour.
Eye vision– The light should not be moody like dark red or green. It will be bore and also it will hinder our eyesight. Proper colours which give great eye protection and readability are light colours.

Reccomendations for Increasing attraction

To give a special touch to the hall wall lights, we can use light covers which use glass works. Or a specially made unique shaped light holder will enhance the beauty very much.

hall wall lights photo - 2
hall wall lights photo - 3
hall wall lights photo - 5
hall wall lights photo - 6
hall wall lights photo - 7
hall wall lights photo - 8
hall wall lights photo - 9
hall wall lights photo - 10


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