10 modern uses of Golf lamps

One modern use of golf lamps is in the air traffic control. They are put in the air traffic control towers as a backup device and operate when the aircraft’s radio has crashed.

They emit bright lights that can be steady or flashing to alert the aircraft. In the highways, golf lamps automatically emit the same brilliant tricolor light when a vehicle approaches the rear side of your vehicle. In this way, they provide an alert to the approaching vehicle’s driver so as to avoid accidents.


Some gas has been widely used to provide lighting in the advertising industry since long. Golf lamps are made of a small gas capsule that contains neon and other gases at low pressure along with two electrodes.

The additional gases comprise of helium and the electrodes are made of nickel coated with other materials.

They are different

When the required voltage is applied along with the desired current between the electrodes, the lamp produces a bright orange light. Golf lamp are resistant to shock and vibration as there is no current flow until the voltage reaches the threshold limit. As the current is increased, the operating voltage reaches to a point that makes the lamp glow.

These lamps are widely used as indicators in the displays of electronic devices as they consume less power and are durable.

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