Glass pendant ceiling light – 10 Ceiling’s blessings

Glass Pendant ceiling lights have been in trend for quiet a good amount of time. It’s because of their unique merit of grabbing attention and changing the whole look and feel of the room.

Good old pendant lights

It gives a reminiscent of good old pendant lights like those found in palaces, while not being too flashy, giving just a subtle hint of luxury and style. It can single-handedly take care of the look of the room.

A very good value for the buck.That’s the reason its used in wide variety of spaces from residences, hotels to offices. Here is how it can define an otherwise ordinary ceiling.

Good Match with Interiors

White glass pendant ceiling lights go well along with a contemporary setup with high contrast darker shade walls.Especially the spherical ones. Coupled with soft light coloured furniture, it speaks class.

One can also replace the usual bedside lamp with one of these, coming all the way up from the ceiling.

Uncluttered Ceiling

Simplicity is its major key of popularity. While using these lamps do not add much of fixtures along with it. Let it stand out on its own coz it would definitely do that.

Goodbye to glowy cove lights and heavily ornated ceilings.

Rustic outlook

If warm, raw, cozy and exposed is your choice of interior, a good glass pendant light with incandescent lamps fits great. One can also give it a repetition to light up kitchen counter or dining area.

There are still plenty of design adaptations, one can explore about Glass pendant ceiling light, suiting different interior styles.

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