Glass ball lamps – 10 ways to add personality and character to your home decor

Interior decor is a broad and complex sector, and lighting is one of the most charming variables in home interiors. There is a whole new experience to learn when you walk into the lighting world.

The way you light up your home will reflect who you are. The glass ball lamps will add personality and character.


Decorate and illuminate your room with glass ball lamps. These present day lamps come with a base made up of a few clear glass stacked balls brushed nickel accents to append glamor to your home’s decor.

Glass ball lamps are available in different assortment uniquely designed to uplift the mood of your room as well as give it that eye catching effect. When buying glass ball lamps, choose one whose design and shade fit your taste to complete the look of the lamp.


Some glass ball lamps are made of frosted glass balls and polished flowery patterns. This modern day design is an excellent way to add fashion and style to any contemporary home.

This floral pattern looks great when chosen to suit the rest of the room’s decor.

glass ball lamps photo - 1
glass ball lamps photo - 4
glass ball lamps photo - 5
glass ball lamps photo - 6
glass ball lamps photo - 10

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