10 Adventiges of Flush wall lights

Light fixture is an electrical device that will enable artificial light to be created with the aid of an electric lamp. Most lighting fixtures have light socket to hold the lamp and a fixture body, with provision for replacement when faulty.

It may either have a switch to control the light attached to the power cable or the lamb body.


The flush wall lights make use of a switch to be turned on or off; as such this fixture may have no switch on the fixture itself. The flush wall lights require an electrical connection to an AC source but may also have provision for battery power for camping or emergency lights.

Flush wall lights have a reflector for directing the light, an aperture, an outer shell and protection.


  • Living room
  • Bath room and toilets
  • Walkway paths
  • Deck or patio


The benefits of flush wall lights cannot be overemphasized as the light is an ideal exterior and interior light for your needs. The benefits of the flush wall light include but not limited to;

  • Flush wall lights provides a safe walkway paths
  • It showcases architectural elements at home
  • Flush wall lights deter criminals when used exteriorly
  • It extends living space
  • Flush wall lights provide a dramatic curb appeal.

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