10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Emeralite lamp for your Home

Most homeowners who are keen on lighting must have encountered an electric table lamp affixed to a brass based stand, a pull chain switch and a green-colored lamp shade.

This is characteristic of emeralite lamps. Named after their green-colored cased glass shades and also referred to as banker’s lamps, emeralite lamps have maintained their iconic stature since the 12th century.

They have maintained that traditional look in homes for many years. There are various benefits that an emeralite lamp can bring to your home.


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  1. Emeralite lamps have well molded shades that slope towards the user. To achieve this they are made moderately flat on the sides and the back.
  2. These lamps have well rounded shades with no corners thus providing ample lighting. Despite the shade moving back and forth; they stay firmly in position.
  3. Emeralite lamps use the cased-glass technique. In most cases you will find white colored glass on the inside and a green colored glass on the outside. This makes it appealing to the eye
  4. These lamps have a pull chain switch that allows you to easily put the lights on and off . Though modern versions have alternate switch types. A single light pull provides just the right finishing touch.

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As noted above, the emeralite lamp has maintained the iconic style it had years ago. Infact, they are modeled after classic designs from the 12th century. With a base made of polished brass, green-colored lamp shade and an on-off pull-chain switch, this lamp will give your house that eye-catching glow.

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