10 things to know before installing Eco ceiling fans

Eco ceiling fans is a machine with hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air. Obviously, it is suspended from the ceiling of a room.

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Eco ceiling fan causes cooling by circulating air and acts on the human body rather than on the temperature of the room itself. When it is warm, we sweat, and this is our body’s cooling mechanism. The fan speeds up the drying of perspiration, thereby facilitating more of it to occur and cooling the body further.

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In most rooms with standard ceiling height, anti-clockwise rotation of the fan pushes air down on us. And since we are closer to the ground, we feel cooler when the fan is on.

A couple of the blades on a fan are upward turned, and another couple is downward turned. In the counter-clockwise rotation, the blades lead with the upward turned side.

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We can also use a fan in winter in low speed. There will be a switch on the fan, which will make it rotate clockwise when the motor is turned on. When this happens, cold air at the bottom of the room is pulled up, and the warm air at the top is displaced to the bottom.

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