10 methods to install Cottage style outdoor lighting

Enjoying a peaceful evening with family and friends greatly depends on the outdoor lighting you choose. In most cases, we settle for cottages simply because they provide a cosy home that is free from all the noise and activities in urban areas. Below are things to consider during your cottage lighting style.

Avoid excess lighting

When it comes to cottage outdoor styling, you need to be practical and put several factors into consideration. For instance, ensure your cottage lighting is minimal, after all there is a reason as to why you left the city.

Minimum light allows you to perfectly view the stars and does not scare the birds away. Also, it ensures you don’t disrupt your neighbors comfort with too much light.

Maximize on safety

Most cottages are established in the country side, where the landscape may be steep or surrounded by a lake. Hence, it is important to illuminate such sides to avoid accidents.

Examine Your Options

Understanding your style options creates a conducive environment for everyone. For instance, for security purposes you can use floodlights which increase visibility and for paths you can use low-wattage lights which are stylish and still provide you with the safety you need.

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