Bring life to your room by illuminating it with a massive Colossus lava lamp

If you are a lover of huge lighting systems, I am sure you would love the Colossus lava lamp. Standing more than 4 feet tall and weighing 125 lbs, this massive lamp illuminates your room with a pink/purple or red/clear lighting.

The most exciting element about the colossus lava lamp is that it has floating elements of different colors that move randomly within the glass.

colossus lava lamp photo - 1


The colossus lava lamp has water and wax as the main ingredients. In fact, the water recipe is well adjusted to complement the density of each batch of wax making it float around.

These random movements create such a great pattern that will make your room attractive. Additionally, here we can customize this lamp by combining the five different color options that are available making your room more colorful.

Other people add a shelf made of glass to create a beautiful end table.


This colossus lava lamp is so good for your bed room, however, it may require adequate space in the room. It also takes some time to warm up and cool down.

Here we have portrayed some pictures of this classy lamp. You should consider them as a great addition to your master bedroom.

colossus lava lamp photo - 4





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