10 facts to know about Ceiling led star lights

The ceiling led star lights are a dream. It gives your home an amazing mood while complimenting the entire look of your house. We all want a nice looking home, don’t we?


There are a variety of ceiling led star lights in the market. But how do you chose the best one for your home? There is so much to consider, including the type and colour of furniture or deco in your home.

Consider also what you are looking to achieve, whether it’s a romantic mood in that room, or a happy mood. Choose a dim lit ceiling for your bedroom, and for the living room you can go with a brighter ceiling star lights.


You can choose to get a professional, or do it yourself by following these simple steps;

  • Cut the illuminator portholes
  • Create holes for the stars
  • You can turn the lights on to see any errors that should be corrected
  • After installation, enjoy your new ceiling led star lights!

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