Brass desk lamps – only for real metallic lovers!

For anyone searching for a stylish, but a bit more uncommon desk lamp design for their home or office, brass desk lamps are a perfect choice! They are highly versatile, a little different from mainstream desk lamps, and anyone who is a fan of a metallic look will love them without a doubt.

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The biggest reason that the brass desk lamp is so versatile is because it works well with nearly any material. It doesn’t matter whether it is sitting on a wooden desk, a marble coffee table or a white nightstand made out of plywood, most likely it will fit in great.

It also often stands out well, which makes it a great design element.

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The metallic, coppery look

One of the best features about these brass desk lamps is their copper colored look that comes with the brass base. It looks fantastic and fits well with many backgrounds, while it works the best against a darker wallpaper.

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