Boffi ceiling fan can be a greater companion this summer

As summer is already here and the hot climate outside alongside the scorching rays of the sun has started to boil the atmosphere. It’s nearly impossible to walk outside on the streets without any protection. The only option left for us is to sit at home and rest.

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What to look before buying a ceiling fan?

  • A number of blades: The number of blades in a boffi ceiling fan can move out less or more air accordingly. So if there are more blades then it would move out less air.
  • The length of blades: Length of blades does play a key role as longer the blade is, more air will move out through the fan.
  • Fitting Position: The fitting position of the fan plays a key role in moving the air. So if the fan is positioned in the middle of the room then more the air will be distributed uniformly by the fan

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The one ceiling fan manufacturer where you will get ceiling fan according to your desire is the boffi ceiling fan company. This fan comes with various size, shape, colors, and design too.

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