Berman lamps – made to light up your world

Today, lamps come in varying sizes, colors, and shapes. While seated in a room, they seem to be friends and family. If they function well and are nicely decorated, we do feel warm. In homes, Berman lamps are a must have.

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Vintage Berman Brass Lamp

An all brass Berman lamp, fitted on a vintage classic candle stick. Of today’s decors, it’s guaranteed to be a perfect match. Its pros are: an excellent vintage state, original wiring and hardware, and, nicely fitted in base of lamp. It works okay.

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Mystical Bunny Rabbit Berman Accent Lamp

It’s awesome with distinct features like: no lamp shade, good working condition, and at its base, is a pink dot.

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Berman Monkey Lamp

An exquisite Berman Monkey Lamp with lots to offer. With a smaller or 150 watt bulb, it lights up just fine. It’s also fitted with three way switch. It has a brown shade.

All in one, berman lamps are made to light up your world with their excellent bright light.

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