Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Ideas That Look Rich

Bathroom has long ceased to be a “secondary room” and defended the right to be called a full-fledged room of the house – a home zone of rest and relaxation, where people come not just to perform water procedures, but to relax and enjoy recreation. Therefore, the design of modern bathrooms is more and more like design of other areas of the house: wallpapers on the walls, carpets on the floor, pictures, or photographs on the walls and, of course, stylish lighting elements in the form of chandeliers, which give the room a sophisticated, homely atmosphere and fill the room with not only bright light, but also give it elegance and grace.

The only thing to consider when choosing a pendant light fixture for the bathroom is the height of the ceiling and the size of the room. Luxurious crystal multi-arm chandelier in a tiny space will look ridiculous and too bulky.  There are many modern bathroom chandelier design ideas, and you can see the most popular ones next.

#1 Crystal Bathroom Chandelier

An ordinary bathroom chandelier, being in constant contact with humid air, can fail quite quickly. How this happens: the chandelier starts to turn on repeatedly, blinks and as a result breaks down altogether. It’s all about moisture getting into the contacts of the bathroom chandelier, causing them to oxidize, and then spark and overheat. This chandelier is made fully waterproof, it can not only give a chic look to your bathroom, but also last a long time, just because of the full moisture protection.

Such a chandelier for the bathroom will suit both fans of minimalism, and those who like unusual decorations in the interior. Of course, such a chandelier will not look very good in a small bathroom, but if you have a large bathroom, this chandelier will fit perfectly and will illuminate this space.

#2 Unusual ball chandelier in the bathroom

Overhead lighting in the bathroom, as in any other room, should provide light throughout the room. This is especially important when cleaning and using the bathroom during the day. Such chandeliers in the form of spheres look very unusual and modern.

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They are attached to the ceiling, provide diffused light and do not visually lower the room. They take up little space and do not interfere with everyday use. Moreover, thanks to their simple shape, they are suitable for any bathroom, whether decorated in industrial or classic style. Such lamps are quite unconventional and very interesting solution in terms of lamps for the bathroom, they serve not so much for lighting the room, but as a decoration of the interior. Just look at how stylishly and harmoniously they fit into the interior.

#3 Spot ceiling lighting in the bathroom

A functional bathroom should have several points of light. In addition to overhead lighting, which should evenly illuminate the room, it is worth installing additional side or decorative lighting. This option presents spot lighting – soffits on the ceiling. This is the simplest and most classic solution of ceiling lights in the bathroom, as they are the most discreet and safe.

Speaking of safety: when choosing bathroom ceiling lighting, you need to consider this point, so that no dangerous situations will arise in the future. In dark bathrooms and in bathrooms without windows, it is worth increasing the number of lighting points, so that there is enough light, and it is as comfortable as possible to stay in the room.

#4 Light chandelier – balloons of soap

Just look at this incredibly beautiful and delicate version of the ceiling lamp for the bathroom. Traditional chandeliers are not suitable for standard bathrooms, they look too bulky in them, and just interfere with the performance of hygienic procedures.

Therefore, here is offered such an unusual, stylish, beautiful and elegant. But there is one very important nuance: when choosing such a ceiling lamp for the bathroom, be sure to take into account the size of both the bathroom and the lamp itself. The main advantage of this chandelier is its weightlessness and extreme lightness. The style of the interior and the color palette in this version is perfectly combined and all parts of the interior are perfectly combined with each other.

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#5 Minimal ceiling lights

Here, for example, the area with the mirror and washbasin requires high-quality lighting, which should fall evenly on both sides. For this purpose, it is best to install such minimalistic fixtures with a symmetrical arrangement. Additionally, you can also install side lights, to provide the brightest and highest quality lighting of the bathroom room.

This option is especially appropriate when applying makeup near the bathroom mirror, as it provides the necessary brightness and does not create shadows on the face. For shaving, a single light fixture above the mirror will be quite enough. In general, such ceiling lights are ideal for lighting a small room and giving it a stylish and modern look.

#6 Black ceiling lamps

For a bathroom with a low ceiling, it is better to choose lighting in the form of sconces, floor lamps or a ceiling chandelier with a light stream directed upwards. Thus, on the ceiling plane will create a play of shadows, which visually gives the room enough height.

This version of the lamps emphasizes the style and complements the interior of the bathroom, in addition to good lighting of the room. For the bathroom in the style of minimalism, these lamps will suit perfectly, because for this style is appropriate to use pendant lamps, distinguished by a simple form and lack of decor, as, in fact, and presented in the photo. Therefore, if you plan to change the lighting elements of the bathroom, then be sure to pay attention to this option.

#7 LED ceiling lighting in the bathroom

It is this type of bathroom lighting is the safest and most versatile, because it is such ceiling lights will suit absolutely any interior, style and design of the bathroom. The use of LED strips in the bathroom is not a surprise to anyone, but not everyone is able to create a really spectacular and stylish lighting with them. Therefore, we present to your attention the most correct and good variant of the installed ice strip, which serves as a ceiling light and perfectly illuminates the bathroom. Moreover, LED bathroom lighting is installed at any stage of the renovation.

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#8 Ceiling lighting – starry sky

Perhaps if you want to add a highlight to the interior of your bathroom and create an extremely cozy and really cool atmosphere-you should install a similar ceiling light in the form of a starry sky. The peculiarity of its installation is better to learn from professionals, so as not to make any mistakes.

This element of lighting is only a decoration, because such a ceiling fixture is not able to provide the whole bathroom with the necessary amount of quality light. That is why this starry sky on the ceiling serves only as a decoration of the interior, which creates a wonderful atmosphere when spending time and relaxation in the bathroom.

#9 Round sealed ceiling luminaire

As a rule, such round ceiling lamps are the most suitable options for bathroom lighting elements, because they are usually sealed and therefore well protected from moisture, which in the bathroom is even more than enough. Another advantage of such a ceiling lamp is excellent lighting, this lamp can perfectly diffuse light throughout the room and provide quality light. Therefore, when choosing lighting in the bathroom, most often choose this option.

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