Aladdin and the lamp – 10 ways to feel the magic of light

You don’t have to be like Aladdin and the lamp and appeal to some magical being for an attractive light ing and cooling solution for your ceiling. All you have to do is simply get a light.


Lighted ceiling fans are a great way to light and cool a room simultaneously. Aladdin and the lamp comes with lighting fixtures attached to them. You don’t have to worry not about the clash of the heat and the cool.

Most lighted ceiling fans are now made with LED (light-emitting diode) lights. These types of light use less energy and they last longer.


You can get these Aladdin and the lamp combinations in very stylish and sleek designs. Gone are the days of those basic and unattractive helicopter fans with burning hot incandescent bulbs.

You can now get attractive designs which will add a touch of panache to your ceiling. You can also get these with no rotating fan blades. So, opt for a lighted ceiling fan. The combination unit will also save you money.

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