3 way touch lamps – the beauty and upkeep of your home

The beauty and upkeep of your home should be the number one thing in your list of priorities. Using the right lamp in combination with the right design can accord your home an ethereal beauty that makes it a model for other homes.

3 way touch lamps have reappeared in the recent times due to the aesthetical appeal of our day. A handful of tips can help you to make good combination of the lamps to reveal the indoor and outdoor beauty of your home.

Use the right colors and designs

You can find a number of 3 way touch lamp colors out there but the color you use has a lot of impacts to make in your home. Basically, you can find white and black color 3 way lamps. The scintillation differs and in some cases the designs also differ, even for the same color.

The need for choosing the right designs cannot be overstated. The availability of assorted touch lamps designs make it really difficult to make the right choice but taking a look at already existing home designs and comparing with your home will greatly help you to solve the riddle.

Where to use Touch lamps

Touch lamps can be used virtually anywhere inside your home including tabletops, bed-tops and so forth. Since they are 3-way lamps, they allow you to have a good panorama of the home anywhere the lamp is kept.

3 way touch floor lamp comes handy and can be easily used both indoors and outdoors. The beauty of the home oozes out when carefully selected in terms of designs.

Amazing technology implemented in Touch lamps

Touch lamps are generally innovative versions of their predecessors. 3-way lamps have been in existence for quite a long time and have reappeared due to fashion quest; however, touch sensitive features have been added to underscore the edge in today’s technology.

Touch lamps can be controlled using temperature, resistance and radio reception.

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#1 Pretty Bedside Lamps

The strict classics of this table lamp is represented by clear lines of the lamp dome and a massive pillar like leg. Warm light will fill the enlighted zone with comfort and will accentuate the original structure of the dimmer’s material. The peculiar emphasis is granted to the décor of the upper and lower details of the leg performed in a darker colour. This contrast looks especially effectively in combination with light beige.

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3 way touch lamps photo - 10

#2 Elegant Slim Lamp

This table lamp is introduced by delicate forms and brilliance of metal with laconic strictness of the glass. After placing this lamp on the working table or near the bed, you will get soft lighting for comfortable reading or doing high quality work. The dome lamp is done in the form of a semi sphere, while the leg has a solid base and is connected to the dome by two thin fixtures that make this lamp look very light.



#3 Modern Lamp

This model has compact parameters, stable base and elegant look. The lamp can be compared with the cylinder that is divided into two parts. The lower part is the base that is performed in metal of dark color, while the upper part – is of white glass. Non transparent material makes the light subdued. Such a table lamp will perfectly match both light and dark colours of the interior.



#4 Classic Wooden Lamp

Such a table lamp will make any surface more individual and attractive. It will add some peculiar air to any bedroom or living room. Textile dimmer will add more comfort and create homish atmosphere, while skilfully crafted wooden leg will help the lamp to be stable not occupying the excessive space on the surface. If you want to add some calmness or make a unique interior, this item would be a good choice.


#5 Vintage Solver Lamp

The classical form of the lamp and the combination of white glass and silver metal won’t leave this lamp without admirers. Simple yet very stylish glass dome lame will perfectly match various interiors of the premises. Besides creating the feeling of comfort and security, this lamp has very good technical characteristics.


#6 Slim Leg Lamp

It seems that this lamp is of Vietnamise origin as its head greatly resembles their headwear. The dimmer “absorbs” excessive light making it soft and comfortable for eyes. The thin twisted leg is made of shining metal and has a wide base that makes the whole lamp quite stable. It is a marvellous elegant designer lamp that will not only help you while reading or working, but also it will be a splendid décor of your interior.

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#7 Pretty Country Style

A true English modesty and simplicity are combined in this table lamp. The leg and the dimmer are made of a non-transparent white glass which is decorated with fine floral patterns. Stable semi spherical leg is framed with golden covering. The dimmer resembles the head of the flower with folded petals. Such a laconic combination will make comfortable any premise. Soft streaming light will help you to see the usual interior in new light.


#8 Glass Mosaic Art Lamp

Are you a fan of Ohio State Buckeyes? Then you will definitely like this beautiful lamp with their logo. It has three ways to touch sensor which will help you to regulate the intensity of light the way you want from low to high. The lamp has nice chrome metal leg and the dome lamp consists of six white glass elements with the team logo on each. The combination of white glass and dark metal make it compatible with most of the interiors.


#9 Modern Culture Lamp

Do you play baseball or like watching baseball matches? Isn’t your favourite baseball team New York Yankees? If your answer is positive, consider obtaining a splendid table lamp with their symbols. It has a solid base with skilfully performed leg and the dimmer consisting of six flower like petals made of white glass. Thick white glass of the dimmer makes the light muted. It will be a good choice for both bedrooms and living rooms.


#10 Stylish Metal Decoration

This is a nice representative of modern style table lamps. It is very practical due to the sensor regulated three levels of brightness: low, medium and high. Satin nickel leg perfectly matches white tempered wide dimmer. This lamp has one more advantage: it uses energy saving bulbs which consume ten times less energy than regular ones. Such a lamp will be good for both homes and offices.


#11 Elegant Looking Models

This lamp is an excellent combination of classic and modern design. The enamel glitter of the leg helps it to merge with the interior. The classical dome lamp makes the item ideal for living rooms, cabinets, libraries, dining rooms etc. which has bright but not screamy interior. The item is represented in three colors: white, red and black so one can definitely find the one he likes.

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#12 Thematic Touch Lamp

Either you are the graduate of West Virginia University or only planning to enter this educational establishment, this lamp may become a good acquisition for your room. It has an amazing technology which can help to switch on the light easily even in the darkest room. Just touch the base of the lamp and the light will switch on as it has a simple sensor switch. The light produced by the lamp is not too bright but comfortable for eyes.


#13 Fume Glass Cylinder Lamp

This lamp resembles a big white candle staying in the bronze candle holder. It is a quintessence of the times when only waxen candles could give the light. However, this light won’t melt that fast. A unique technology is used for creation of this lamp. Due to high quality of the materials a long work of the illumination tool is guaranteed. If you want to add some romantic atmosphere to your premise, you can decorate it with this fake candle table lamp.


#14 Minimalistic White Shade Lamp

This extremely elegant lamp will emphasize your delicate taste and make the design of your interior unique. The combination of white and black colors always looks awesome. The classical dimmer stands on a very extraordinary leg which resembles the branch of the tree. This lamp looks very natural and will surely fit most of interiors by both design and color.


#15 A Lamp in a Glass

Do you like everything natural in the design of the premise? Here is a marvellous candidate for your interior. The dimmer of the round form is performed in soft beige linen, while the leg looks like the glass vase whose top and bottom is decorated with natural wood. This lamp will find its place in some Provence or classical interiors. Fair colours, as well as the entire look of the lamp, will grant your home calmness and comfort.


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