1000 watt lamp – choose the Quantum electronic ballast!



The Quantum electronic ballast is one of the leaders in the market field of 1000 watt lamp models. They guarantee the best 100% 75% and 50% dimmability running with MH and HPS bulbs. The digital ballasts run 15% cooler than those produced by other developers.


The Quantum (1000 watt lamps) electronic ballast is an industry leader with features such as dimmability from 100% to 75% and 50%.



It’s also 120/240v, and can run HPS and MH bulbs. The Quantum digital ballasts run 15% cooler than most other digital ballasts on the market and come backed by a great 3 year warranty. When you order from Growers House, the Quantum 600w ballast comes with both 120v and 240v power cords.

  • Runs at 100%, 75% or 50% power, dimmable
  • Allows 50 hertz to 60 hertz
  • Quantums run 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market
  • Has a Power Factor of 99.9%
  • The most stable output frequency of any ballast
  • Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts
  • Light weight and care free



Radiant Air Cool Reflectors are super sized, air-cooled, lensed units; based on our popular high performance Radiant reflector. High efficiency design with a premium European specular aluminum interior means more light from the coolest running design ever offered by Hydrofarm.



Hydrofarm’s Radiant reflectors are all CSA certified, and include lighting recommendations, hangers, a built-in socket, 15″ pre-wired lamp cord, includes a 6″ or 8″ flange that enables higher air flow for cooler temperatures and more reflectors in-line and Tempered hinged glass lens with sealing foam included.

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Using the Radiant means more power for your flower.



The Grow Crew (1000 watt lamp) Commercial High Pressure Sodium lamp is designed to give you the greatest PAR (photsynthetically active radiation) per dollar to increase your yields while not breaking the bank.


The Grow Crew 1000 watt HPS should be used only with digital ballasts.

  • Initial Lumens: 140,000
  • Glass Size: ET25
  • CCT: 2,000
  • ANSI: S52
  • Rated Life: 24,000 hrs
  • Color Spectrum: 2000 Kelvin
  • Use with digital ballasts only



Hortilux 1000w Super Enhanced HPS (high pressure sodium) is the premium single ended 1000 watt grow light available. The 1000w Hortilux has a unique optimized spectrum to give your plants exactly the spectra they need to maximize their potential health, vigor, and yields.


  • Use on BOTH e-Ballasts or Magnetic Core & Coil
  • Operating Position: Universal (horizontal or vertical)
  • Color Temperature: 2100 Kelvin
  • Increased Reliability under Varying Frequencies (60-100,000 Hz)
  • Improved Lamp Performance Over Life
  • Less Mercury than Standard HPS Bulbs
  • Now Lead-Free AND Barium-Free
  • Hortilux Test-Lights EVERY Bulb
  • 1 year Warranty on all EYE HORTILUX Lamps
  • Made in the USA



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